Dog Rescued After Falling Through Icy Pond Near Denver
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Firefighters rescued a dog after it fell through ice on a pond in Lone Tree, Colorado, on January 12.South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) said the crew from Firehouse 34 in Lone Tree arrived quickly with a rescuer already in a dry suit. “The team on shore held his safety rope tightly and the Dive Team was also responding, just in case,” they said.SMFR urged people to keep their dogs on a leash and to never try to rescue an animal in trouble themselves. Credit: South Metro Fire Rescue via Storyful
  • William H
    Good to see people risking their lives for the dog, and also to see that the dog didn't appear to be too badly affected by it's ordeal.
  • Leonard
    Marvellous job, you rescuers.
  • 2001
    Well done. Some happy news for once ! :-)
  • david
    Nice one! Fellas!!
  • john
    WOW, hold the front page. Trump to send in the army (when they get back -so that is why he recalled them)
  • Jason
    Donald Trump Approved!