'Doing a Workout, Buddy?': Koala Crawls Over Dumbbells in Queensland Home Gym

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5 個月前

A curious koala was discovered crawling through a home gym in Tallai, Queensland, Australia, on August 11, much to the bemusement of the occupants.

“Marley was barking at something … and I couldn’t see anything,” a man explains to Anthony Dagg, who filmed the video.

The video shows Dagg entering his garage to find the unexpected marsupial moving around the gym equipment and onto a dumbbell.

“G’day buddy! How ya goin’? You’re a bit lost, fella?” Dagg says. “Just doing a workout, buddy?”

“So my mate just comes over tonight unannounced wanting to do a gym session,” Dagg wrote in the Facebook post that featured the video.

The video ends with the group planning to call the local koala wildlife sanctuary for assistance. Credit: Anthony Dagg via Storyful