Doorcam Shows Man Frantically Warn Neighbors as Hillside Fire Approaches

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7 個月前

A fast-moving fire prompted mandatory evacuation orders in the hills above San Bernardino, California, in the early hours of October 31.

Footage captured by Marcy Zavala’s doorbell camera shows a neighbor frantically knocking on her door, trying to warn the family that the fire was approaching. Zavala told Storyful her neighbor knew they had “four little kids under the age of six and that it was very crucial” to get them out.

“As soon I heard the knock I knew it was a fire”, Zavala said. “I looked outside to see how close it was to see how much time we had, and it was a lot closer then I could have imagined.” she added.

The timestamp on Zavala’s footage indicates that the neighbor began banging at her door shortly after 2 am. By 3 am, the Hillside Fire had grown to around 200 acres, the San Bernardino County Fire District said.

By late afternoon, the fire had destroyed six homes and damaged another 18, fire officials said.

“I didn’t think our house was going to make it!” Zavala told Storyful. “But the San Bernardino fighters are superheroes they saved this neighborhood!”

The following day, the fire department said crews were still working to contain the fire, but said it had not grown past 200 acres, and was at 70 percent containment. Credit: Marcy Zavala via Storyful

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    That brave man could have just run and saved himself. Instead, at personal risk, he went to warn his neighbor to make sure she and the children got out. That's pretty much my definition of local hero.
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    What a great neighbor Henry has. These fire in Ca are no joke. Please everyone pray for rain.
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    Wow, now that is a wonderful neighbor! I am a Camp Fire Survivor, Butte County. My neighbors all know I live alone, Not one check on me or asked if I needed help leaving, I didn't even know there was an evacuation happening. I only knew because I was talking to a friend in Paradise who was out running the fire in his car...I checked in on several elderly neighbors to see if they needed help.
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    Scythe Falling
    Good neighbors do that. Sometimes these fires start at night or early morning, and people do go to their neighbors if they can't call them, to alert them.
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    That is a good neighbor helping his fellow man.
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    Needs his own State Farm commercial, "Like a good neighbor, Henry is there".
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    God bless this neighbor and henry in Jesus name and may the blessings roll over amen.
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    Daughter of American Revolution
    This gentleman tried his best to save his neighbors. Kudos to him for being a great friend and person
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    God Bless Good Neighbors....he's a hero.
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    Henry can be my neighbor any day of the week. I will watch over him as well!!!