Drivers Navigate Snow-Slicked Roads in Southern Vermont

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8 個月前

Snow fell in southern Vermont on Tuesday, November 19, giving the area a serene wintery appearance and making roads slippery.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a Winter Weather Advisory on Tuesday, forecasting snow for parts of Vermont, Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts.

The NWS warned of slushy and slippery roadways, and urged drivers to reduce their speeds. This video shows vehicles driving as snow falls and collects on the road near West Brattleboro, Vermont.

The weather prompted a snow day and forced the closure of schools and libraries across Vermont, local media reported.

The NWS advisory was in effect until 2 pm on Tuesday, when the snow was projected to taper off. Credit: @morerockplz via Storyful

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    Next up...a video of paint drying.
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    it will never be an issue if you have the right equipment!
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    Snow in VT in Nov, AMAZING!!!
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    WOW, Really news worthy. I was not aware Vermont gets snow.........duh
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    yahoo. give us a break, we have had snow for millions of years