Eastern Brown Snake Lunges at Queensland Catcher

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1 年前

An eastern brown snake proved a particularly tricky quarry for a snake catcher in Queensland recently. On the first callout, to a home in Rosemount, the snake could not be found. On the second, on July 19, the snake took a lunge and its pursuer.

The eastern brown snake is one of the most deadly snakes in the world.

Stuart McKenzie of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 wrote in a Facebook post: “This was one of the most dodgy brown snake calls I have been on in a long time. I came out a few weeks ago to try and catch this snake but couldn’t find him.”

McKenzie got the second call on Friday, July 19, telling him the snake had been seen out in the sun. McKenzie arrived, and spotted the snake while he was standing with his back to a steep bank. This left him with nowhere to go, so he hoped the snake would turn around. Unfortunately, he wrote on Facebook, “the exact opposite happened,” leaving McKenzie face to face with the snake and in a tight spot.

As McKenzie tried to hook the snake and pull it towards him, the snake “used this added momentum” to spring forward and escape past him.

Video recorded by Christopher Soul, a sub-contractor for McKenzie, shows the tense encounter, and the snake eventually being safely bagged. Credit: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 via Storyful

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    Looking at the condition that place was in, wouldn't be surprising if there aren't many more snakes lurking about.
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    TEXAS Citizen
    In the shark movie the shark catcher needed a Bigger Boat. In this Eastern Brown Snake scenario the snake catcher needed a Longer Snake Catching Pole.

    Snakes are supposed to be able to strike accurately for about 1/2 the length of their body & about 2/3 the length of their body with less accuracy but that joker seem to lunge for a good bit more than 100% of its body. I am afraid that is the kind of snake that I would take a shotgun to instead of a snake hook.

    The snake catcher was supposed to be a professional & he had a bag with holes in the bottom that the snake could stick through? He is going to get himself killed.
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    Travis Bickle
    Scary snake but, it could have been worse.
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    410 gauge
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    I usually start with a #6 shot.
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    I don't understand, a .12 gauge with buck shot would solve the problem instantly!
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    And in an affront to logic, the snake is legally required to be released in the same general area, the extremely venomous snake.
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    That snake jumps at me like that, it's getting that metal pole repeatedly upside it's head.
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    The only good snake is a dead snake...no exceptions.
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    For being a snake catcher, he didn't handle that stick with much confidence.
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