Ecuadorian Police Helicopter Patrols Streets With Spotlight to Enforce Coronavirus Curfew

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2 個月前

Police patrolled the streets of Guayaquil, Ecuador, as authorities encouraged residents to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic on April 1.

There were 2,240 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ecuador and 75 people had died from the virus by April 1, according to the World Health Organization.

There were reports of corpses being left in people’s homes due to strict lockdown requirements in the city. Authorities said they would create a task force to deal with the issue. Credit: Policia Ecuador via Storyful

Harry Baals3 天前
Looks like they’re demonstrating how George Floyd was killed...更多
JSH - Independant -3 天前
She Was Looking at the Damage and i am Not Even Sure the Man...更多
PanayiotouHenry2 小時前
Lets named it 'BlackedRaw St' instead 🇺🇸
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Need some Irish Lads to Tarmac over ........ It will be fine...更多