Endangered Ferrets Explore New Home on Colorado Ranch

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8 個月前

A group of black-footed ferrets were re-homed at a ranch in Pueblo, Colorado, on November 18, giving more hope for the survival of North America’s rarest mammal.

Footage by Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s (CPW) South East region shows conservation biologist Ed Schmal and his five-year-old daughter Sofia trying to coax one of the ferrets from its kennel and into its new home, in a prairie dog colony. Black-footed ferrets rely on prairie dog burrows for shelter, and are also a predator of that species.

Fourteen of the endangered mammals were released at the ranch.

“We were down to less than 20 in the United States at one point. That’s when they were all trapped and gathered up and the breeding program began. And over the last five or six years, we’ve really started to run with it here in Colorado and release them on public and private land,” Schmal told Fox 21. Credit: CPW SE Region via Storyful

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    This program actually began many years ago. Federal and state agencies worked together to build a captive breeding facility in Northwestern Colorado (north of Maybell, Colorado). The first release in Colorado/Utah was on public lands west of Rangely. It's nice to see the program is still going and is being expanded throughout the state.
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    Sherry P
    So happy for them, they are adorable:)
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    lets hope they make it...MAN is the cause of most lost species...no butterflies, frogs, turtles...we are going in the wrong direction--the news should be filled with SAVE the PLANET not BS politics day after day after day
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    How great. Such a wonderful animal.
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    Where are they going to get their water by chance?
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    Alien Visitor
    Hopefully there's water nearby.
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    I found one off the side of the road in an open cage, about 30 years ago. I kept it as a pet for a week or so but turned it over to the humane society after finding out more about them. When it was with me it was just like a cat, they have a different odor but it was cute as heck!
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    Mr Mike
    I was in Jax Florida in 1997 and someone gave me their Ferritt. He was so fun and such loving animal but so quickly ran away. He was my pet for just a few short hours but what a cool animal he was.
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    Alien Visitor
    With only 20 left to start the breeding program you might as well not bother, their all inbred at this point. They'll eventually become extinct from gene mutations from not having a large enough gene pool.