'Get the F**k Out': Man Orders Masked Group to Leave Damaged Cigar Shop in Washington

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5 個月前

A man appearing to hold a gun ordered a masked group to leave a cigar shop in Bellevue, Washington, on May 31.

Zachariah Kendall filmed a video which shows a group of people leaving Cigar Land after a man stands in front of the shop and shouts, “Now! Move! Move!” As they depart, a second man steps out of the shop and yells, “Get the f**k out, stay away.”

In a caption on his YouTube channel, Kendall wrote: “Owner of a cigar shop and his deputy catches looters during a protest that lead to a riot in downtown Bellevue.” Credit: Zachariah Kendall via Storyful

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    The Cockney
    It was never going to be a protest just an excuse to have a riot and loot a few places for a new phone, TV and what ever else they could lay there hands on.
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    its not a protest anymore, its a crime!
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    Look like common criminals disguised as protesters; there seems to be rather a lot of them about.
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    About time someone stood up to the skum.
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    Well this is rascism at its worst. A group of black "protestors" try and cadge a smoke from a cigar store to ease their stress, and a white man, unaware of how mentally damaged they were by the death of their brother, George Floyd, told them to "move." They left the shop visibly upset at the lack of sympathy shown by the white rascist. Floyd was a much convicted user of violence...sorry, sorry, pillar of the community. Always quick with a knife....oh sorry, sorry, smile, he was loved by all that knew him. He was a burglar at..., sorry, sorry, pastor at his local church and had just adopted and eaten a...oh sorry, sorry, adopted a stray cat which he loved...and so on...and so on...
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    like hyeana's circling prey
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    Close, but no cigar.
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    if you go on holiday in some countrys the little moneys come and take every thing right out your hand ,
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    Let me guess -
    The press are going to condemn him for refusing to give away his stock.
    If he doesn't want looters smoking his Cigars he MUST be a racist...
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    Would have expected that profile of criminal smoking cigars...