Father and Son Play with Inflatable Duck Float in Flooded Indiana Yard

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7 個月前

Shelbyville, Indiana, resident Michelle Landis captured footage of her husband and son making the most of the local rainy weather by playing with an inflatable duck pool toy in the floodwaters on January 11.

Landis told Storyful she and her family were home watching the rain fill their yard until the water created a puddle.

“Our three-year-old daughter ran out of the back room with her swimsuit on and a picture frame from a Florida trip we took saying ‘I want to go to the beach,’” Landis said. “That sparked my husband’s creative and spontaneous mind to go into action.”

Landis said her husband put air in a duck pool float and the family went outside and enjoyed the rain. The video shows her husband steering the float with a cord while their son rides on it. Credit: Michelle Landis via Storyful

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    Jesyka Casey
    Nice to read an I uplifting story.
    Every flood we have here, there’s a dad and a little boy that take a little kayak to the ditches and have some fun.
    I assume someone called the cops on them once because the cops came out but left with a smile and wave.
    Always puts a smile on my face to see them making the best of it.
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    If you can’t solve it, must well make full use of it. I will do the same...
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    That will be a great memory for the boy.
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    Quality time for father and son.
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    Indiana dad gets the most exercise he's had in 8 yrs. Spends the next 2 days in bed.
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    He is the best dad.
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    Love it!
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    well, at least the dad ran in the raw sewage himself and let the kid stay on the duck.