Fire Throws Huge Plume of Smoke Over San Francisco Pier

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A four-alarm warehouse fire broke out on Pier 45 in the Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood of San Francisco in the early hours of May 23, fire officials said.

Flames and thick smoke from the blaze were visible from several miles away.

At the time of writing, the San Francisco Fire Department said no injuries had been reported.

According to local media, the historic SS Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty ship at Pier 45 was under threat. Credit: Jack Hutton via Storyful

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    "Fire Throws Huge Plume of Smoke Over San Francisco Pier Because Of Covid-19". Headline fixed.
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    Thank you SF Fired Department. Saved a historic WW2 Ship!
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    $20 homeless built a fire to stay warm, any takers.
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    I guess they couldn't find water to put it out , or maybe couldn't get a permit to use water from the bay
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    Insurance money is best way out ....
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    Oil Man
    Fire season starting early I see. Must be PG & E's fault.
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    Arson can solve a lot of real estate issues...
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    Home values will also be crashing and burning in San Fran as people allowed to work from home flee to more affordable areas and businesses leave as well. The days of the million dollar shack are coming to an end in San Fran. You heard it here. A 40-60% drop in home values cometh.
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    Burning evidence?
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    pelosi, feinstein and schiff were seen playing with matches on pier just before fire started...
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Wells14 小時前
Why does noone in the hospital have a mask on??