Five-Year-Old 76ers Fan is Convinced He Made LeBron James Miss a Shot
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Five-year-old Philadelphia 76ers fan Eli Bloom convinced himself his heckling made LeBron James miss a shot during the 76ers’ 143 -120 win the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday, February 10.According to his father, Matt, Eli is also a huge LeBron James fan – until LeBron lines out against the 76ers.“He was having the time of his life at yesterday’s game, and he only hit those really high decibel levels a few times,” Matt said on Monday. “The guy next to us was calling him the defensive player of the game,” he added. Credit: Matt Bloom via Storyful
  • Slider
    Dang I miss Jordan
  • samuel
    Nice job kid, but you should’ve been screaming for Kuzma to miss - he went off! Go sixers!
  • JOE
    Yep he did. he did. he made Lebron miss the shot.
  • Casey
    Nobody wants to hear a high pitched 5 year old kids voice scream in our ears at a sporting event. Next time shut that kid up. We’re there to enjoy the game.
  • Joshua
    Why is this a story ?
  • Mark
    5 year old kids should not be lowed to have good seats at an NBA gane !