Funny moment Typhoon Hagibis destroys tourists' umbrellas in Tokyo

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9 個月前
Some visitors to Tokyo experienced first-hand the force of Typhoon Hagibis on Saturday when powerful winds destroyed their new umbrellas in seconds. A video shows German musical duo "Andhim", or Simon Haehnel and Tobias Müller, laughing as their umbrellas are immediately ruined by the whipping winds. Later in the clip, Müller can be seen trying to walk into the howling winds without much success. Unfortunately, Andhim's show in Tokyo had to be rescheduled due to the typhoon. "Due to typhoon Hagibis, we have to reschedule our show at to Sunday! Please be safe everyone," the duo posted on Instagram.
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    Not the brightest of sparks. He seems surprised?????
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    So with the previous article Yahoo describes unimaginable tragedy and then with this article...the lighter side of typhoons? Whaaaaa! Terrible job, yahoo.