Funny Teen Fails
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Being a teenager is already awkward enough – throwing fails into the mix is just excessive! Alas, that awkwardness makes teens particularly prone to blunders of all sorts! It’s even worse to be a teen now, because everyone has recording devices on hand all the time…hopefully these teens will look back and laugh!
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    I don’t know why these are considered funny.
  • V
    I see children get hurt badly. Not funny at all.
  • C
    Captain Deadpool
    Not quite the chuckle fest seeing people getting hurt.
  • S
    Some of those falls look painful, if not dangerous. Not funny.
  • M
    Michael K
    This is not funny at all. This should be removed.
  • A
    The nurses, the doctors, the Emergency rooms the ambulance personnels are all very happy... keep it up kids, parents too.
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    Dumb crap.
  • W
    This reporter is a joke
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    Sand 2 Stone
    Lol..., so stupid.