Giant 'Trump Chicken' Appears at Protest Outside President's Milwaukee Rally

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7 個月前

An giant inflatable ‘Trump chicken’ appeared at a protest outside a rally held by President Donald Trump in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 14.

Protesters also chanted “lock him up” outside the event at Milwaukee Panther Arena.

The rally was held at the same time as Democrat Party presidential candidates were debating in Iowa ahead of the primary in February. Credit: @WeRBernie via Storyful

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    Who is paying for these signs, inflatable chickens, and protesters?
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    Did you see all those protesters? There were more protesters outside than people inside the rally. What? Trump talks crowd size all the time claiming more people were outside wanting to get in. Looks like this time they were protesting?
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    APPARENTLY TRUMP HAS ABANDONED the, "I‘d love to release my tax returns but I can't because they're under audit" ploy and gone straight to hiring an entire law firm to go to the Supreme Court in a desperate attempt to permanently conceal them...
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    Presidential Dump
    For some reason I am thinking Orange Chicken for lunch!
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    Trump baby and trump chicken - 110% accurate
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    Libs Lives Matter
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    Can I get one for my yard?
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    Conservatives would have protested outside the Dem debate last night, but they all had to go to work the next day.
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    Old bone spur sure ran away from that fight.
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    ttump will now say that those were the people thst couldn’t get in and the chicken was him with a crown because his fans want to make him a king.