Grandma Surprises Grandson With Doughnut Delivery Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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2 個月前

Three-year-old Remy Schonfeldt was visibly thrilled when he collected a special delivery left for him by his grandmother on March 30.

Remy’s mother, Anna Schonfeldt, tipped him off that a delivery had been made, and filmed as he rushed to the mailbox where he found a doughnut addressed to him.

According to Schonfeldt, Remy normally saw his grandmother two or three times a week before the coronavirus outbreak. However, now the risk is too high.

Schonfeldt told Storyful they’d had a talk with Remy about COVID-19, and that he seemed OK. “We don’t want to stress him out too much, as we had the Adelaide Hills bushfires just before Christmas that really affected Remy personally, our community and family.”

She said that while Remy “is struggling with not seeing his grandparents and cousins”, the doughnut delivery raised his spirits. Credit: Anna Schonfeldt via Storyful

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