Home Security Camera Shows Pack of Mountain Lions Wandering Near Wyoming Home

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2 個月前

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, resident Tiffany Smith was shocked to see a pride of six mountain lions appear on her Nest home security cameras on February 17.

Smith has several cameras set up in different locations around her home, which recorded the animals as they wandered around her property.

This video shows combined footage from all of the cameras. The mountain lions can be seen walking through the snow together, trotting down Smith’s driveway, and even approaching a window on the ground floor of the home.

“Our family put Nest cameras in places around our home to catch animals coming up to the house because we have dogs we want to protect,” Smith told Storyful.

Although mountain lion sightings in Jackson Hole are not entirely uncommon,, it is rare to see the animals traveling in a group since they are typically solitary creatures.

As if this rare sighting was not enough, Smith told Storyful that her cameras have also captured, “a bear, a momma moose and her babies, elk, deer, and a little fox family.” Credit: Tiffany D. Smith via Storyful

  • S
    Looks like a mother or two with her cubs. As adults, cougars are generally solitary hunters. Beautiful cats though.
  • m
    Great video and beautiful animals. So nice to see outdoor video's like this one.
  • A
    Very nice to see and watch. Of course not when you are walking on the same road.
  • J
    Some of them look small - like juveniles. Two mothers and kids?
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  • a
    Beautiful, just don’t leave your kids outside alone ,
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    Brett Rus
    That is what you get when you move into their territory...
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    V for Vendetta
    Females with cubs (kittens) and she lives in a very rural area so why so surprised to see beautiful cats like that
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    they make for good rugs and mantles.
  • b
    Looks like Steve French and his friends!
babyD1 天前
Lol - made my day - so glad he is enjoying the bench. :)
me18 小時前
Cool! There is a reason why I love dogs, stuff like this!
paopao4 小時前
At least they should have donated these to households in the...更多