Italian conman posing as George Clooney deported from Thailand

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5 個月前
Footage shows Italian Francesco Galdeli, 45, and Vanja Goffi, 45, in Chonburi, Thailand, today (June 17) after being arrested for allegedly impersonating George Clooney. Thai authorities said an Interpol red notice had been issued for Galdeli. The couple, dubbed the Italian Bonnie and Clyde, have been wanted by Interpol since 2013. Galdeli was sentenced by a Milan court to more than eight years in jail in 2010 after being found guilty of impersonating Clooney in order to trick investors. He fled the country and was arrested in 2014 but managed to escape shortly after. He had been hiding out in Thailand's 'Sin City' of Pattaya for several years. Clooney testified against the couple in a 2010 trial, telling the court they had fraudulently used his name to lure people into investing in bogus clothing company GC Exclusive by George Clooney.
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