Ken Burns Doesn't Want Anyone to Forget the Central Park 5 Case

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2 年前
In 1989, Trump wanted five innocent teen boys killed, and filmmaker Ken Burns told the story of the wrongly convicted teens and his acclaimed documentary, “The Central Park Five.” “This is a hugely important story and I wish I could tell you it was unique, that five Black and Hispanic boys were arrested for a crime they didn’t do and sent away for a crime they didn’t do,” he stated. “But unfortunately, it’s all too common in the United States, and so the Central Park Five has to be emblematic for a lot of other people who stories aren’t told.” In 1989 a white woman was raped and beaten in Central Park. Five teens (four Black and one Latinx) were word missin here i think despite DNA evidence not matching that of the accused. Police pressured the them into false confessions— and Trump advocated fully for capital punishment. “There was an orange-haired real estate developer in New York at the time of the Central Park Jogger case who took out full page ads in all the daily newspapers asking for the return of the death penalty and more police,” Burns said. “And he believed that these children should be executed even though of course even the return of the death penalty would disqualify the execution of children.” After serving years in prison, the men were exonerated when someone else confessed to the crime and DNA confirmed his confession. This video, "Ken Burns Doesn't Want Anyone to Forget the Central Park 5 Case", first appeared on