Killer Whales spotted near the coast of Marbella, Spain

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4 個月前
A group of killer whales are following a fishing boat in Marbella, Spain. It seems that nature came into balance when we were in lockdown. In addition to killer whales, dolphins and great white sharks have also been spotted near the coast of Marbella. There is little else to say about this, just watch my experience on video. That speaks volumes, the pure beauty of nature.
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    Rabbits were seen in Denia trying to get into the police station during lockdown. Wildlife had a great time, now it`'s back to easing the rules unfortunately the plastic rubbish - and discarded masks - are flying all over the place again, and this is only Phase 2! If mankind were to disappear the planet would be rid of its virus
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    Are those Baby Orcas??? They look small!!! Love 'em!
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    Child reporters,it's called a "pod" of killer whales.
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    Beautiful to see, nature at it's finest
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    Lets hope that they sink the boats ,devour the crew ! over fishing is creating stress for these animals thro' vast human overpopulation !