Little Boy Dances in Floodwater at His Beaumont Home

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7 個月前

Residents of Beaumont, Texas, were struggling with widespread flooding on September 19, after a deluge from Tropical Storm Imelda. One local boy, however, appeared unfazed by it all, as he pulled some expert dance moves in his inundated house.

The National Weather Service estimated Imelda could bring between 30 and 40 inches of rain through Friday, September 20, to many areas in eastern Texas.

Gov Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster for 13 counties in southeast Texas due to flooding on roads, the potential for major infrastructure damage, and power outages, according to a report from 12 News.

The Coast Guard and local emergency services were dealing with a high volume of water rescues and calls for assistance. Credit: D’Adrea Smith via Storyful

babyD3 天前
Lol - made my day - so glad he is enjoying the bench. :)
me3 天前
Cool! There is a reason why I love dogs, stuff like this!
Rick2 小時前
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