London's 'most ridiculed' Christmas tree is switched on in Trafalgar Square

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8 個月前
Crowds gathered in London's Trafalgar Square to witness the annual switch-on of the Christmas tree's lights on Thursday evening (December 5). Norway has gifted Trafalgar Square a Christmas tree every year since 1947. This year's has been widely criticised for its appearance, with it being dubbed "sad", "drab", and the "most anaemic tree possible". Others have said "it's the thought that counts" and "you don't deride a present". The Lord Mayor of Westminster Ruth Bush, who helped saw down the tree in Norway, can be heard in this footage defending it, "it is not weak, it is not sparse, it is a Norwegian spruce and that's what it looks like - so you're going to have to adjust your mind, doubters, because this is a beautiful tree"
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    Maybe it's how it's been decorated ; the lights and tree topper could have been more interesting
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    yeah in my home at this time of year we too argue about trees. This year we have decided to buy a 10ft artificial Christmas tree from Argos.
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    Sir P
    "The Lord Mayor of Westminster Ruth Bush, who helped saw down the tree in Norway" - why did she have to go on a jolly to Norway?
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    Thank you Norway, your bravery always inspires us, and your annual symbol of friendship is always appreciated.
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    It is the way the lights have been put on it, just straight up and down, not followed the shape of the tree. The tree is a generous gift and a kind thought.
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    There is nothing wrong with the tree, as always a very welcome gift from Norway, to help celebrate so many things, the problem is the decoration, but lets not forget what the celebration is about after all.
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    They could have spent a bit more time putting on the lights.
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    Looks ok to me. Better than the one in our town.
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    A gift from the People of Norway. Remember their "Commandos" who prevented the "heavy water" delivery and stopped the Germans from developing the Atom Bomb. And the many Norwegian Merchant Seamen on Atlantic & Russian Convoys.
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    Bjørn Humblen
    Dear Sirs (and Ladies),

    The Lord Mayor is right you know. If you want a spruce that tall and it's been growing in a wood, they get like that. I'm sure the municipality of Oslo is able find a much better use for the time and money spent on finding, cutting down and transporting a tree of that size to London. Then the critics can rise the neccecary funds to buy a plastic tree that looks just as they want it to look and stays that way year after year. I'm sure It'll be ready before the 75 years jubilée. Or if the British want a real tree, but don't want a Norwegian spruce, they can finance a committe to travel the world to find just the tree they want for Christmas. Maybe you want a Commonwealth tree from Canada? There is no reason for the Lord Mayor to defend the tree. Just tell us and we'll stop sending more. If you don't like Oslo's Christmas gift you can always return it.

    A Merry Christmas to you all,

    Bjorn Humblen
    A Norwegian...
    (from Bergen).