Man Arrested for Aiming AR-15-Mounted Laser at Florida Police Helicopter

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2 個月前

A 55-year-old man was arrested in Port St Lucie, Florida, for pointing a laser attached to an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle at a Martin County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) helicopter on January 18, the MCSO said on January 24.

The incident was captured by a camera on the helicopter, which at the time was assisting Port St Lucie Police on an unrelated burglary.

The sheriff’s office said Norman Flaxman walked out of his home on Southwest Belmont Circle, looked up, and then pointed the weapon directly at the helicopter, “deploying the laser two to three times.”

The MCSO said Flaxman told police he did it because he wanted to test his laser. He was charged with the felony offense of pointing a laser at a pilot or driver, the sheriff’s office said. Credit: Martin County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

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    bonus florida man after hours edition
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    Lee Gary
    I guess he found out the laser works, but won't have to worry about testing it again.
  • T
    Even a toy laser aimed at anything in the air will earn an arrest if they find you, let alone one attached to an assault rifle
  • ?
    Yes, pointing a laser (pointer specifically, but applies to any laser device) is a crime. The only exceptions are for legally established research or in an emergency signalling situation - and the above case is neither.

    The fact that it had a weapon was attached to the laser just adds a brandishing charge if the DA wants to pursue it.
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    Anyone else find it pretty funny that while pointing a gun at a police helicopter apparently doesn't warrant charges, the laser attached to it got him slapped with a felony?
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    J A
    Thank you officers. My goodness, what was this man thinking. In some states, CO for example, point a gun at anyone (even unloaded) is a felony unless in self defense.
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    Josh H
    Points gun at cops, gets arrested because of the laser?
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    Great material for the new Florida man anthology series in development.
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    "The MCSO said Flaxman told police he did it because he wanted to test his laser."

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  • G
    A few years back a Vietnam veteran was flying a news helicopter in Albuquerque and someone shot it down. The Vet quit his job. I guess he figured that he was pushing his luck.
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