Man Eats $120,000 Banana Taped to Wall at Art Basel Miami

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8 個月前

Georgian-born artist David Datuna shocked onlookers at Art Basel Miami when he took down an art installation — a banana taped to a wall — and ate it on December 7.

The banana was one of three in a piece titled “Comedian” by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, each of which sold for between $120,000 and $150,000. Cattelan became widely known for his gold-plated toilet titled “America.”

However, the art was not destroyed by being eaten. Lucien Terras, the director of museum relations for Galerie Perrotin, told the Miami Herald that "the banana is the idea.” The value of the art is in its certificate of authenticity, reports said, meaning the owners can replace the banana. The banana Datuna ate was already showing brown spots of decay.

Datuna posted video, filmed by Leonard Weiss, of himself eating the banana to his Instagram account with the caption, “‘Hungry Artist’ Art performance by me. I love Maurizio Cattelan artwork and I really love this installation. It’s very delicious.” Credit: Leonard Weiss via Storyful

  • J
    I'm sorry, but just because someone says a banana is art, and worth $120,000 dollars - it's not. It's a banana. If the artwork was insured, I'm sure the insuring company would buy the "artist" a banana and a foot of duct tape. That's it.
  • s
    The Emperor's New Clothes immediately springs to mind.
  • D
    Any one who thinks a banana taped to a wall is art needs to see a doctor
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    Spencer K
    I have a simple definition of art- if I can do it, it’s not art. I can tape a banana to a wall
  • J
    Am I supposed to be aghast that he ate a $120,000 banana, or that someone paid $120,000 for taping a banana to the wall?
  • L
    Dude it was a banana taped to a wall! How is that worth $120K? In 3 days it would have been all brown and fallen apart! That’s not art!
  • A
    Pretty sure this was all for show and publicity,
    Would like to see the actual purchase sale receipt.
    Remember when Jackson Pollock threw paint on a canvas and called that art.
  • G
    Said part is where do you think the wealth came from that buys stuff like this. The wealthy CEO, wall street executive, pharmaceutical CEO? Financial executive that got a golden parachute payoff when a hedgefund collapsed and thousands lost their retirement.
  • J
    $120,000 for a “certificate of authenticity” for what is now likely in the Miami sewer system.

    How do you resell this? “It’s not the original banana, it’s a replacement I bought around the corner for 25 cents.... I want $500,000.”
  • S
    $150,000 banana, yeah right. Just because they say it's that much doesn't mean it's actually value that much. I have an apple in my kitchen worth $300,000, any takers?