Man's Pants Pulled Down During Brawl at the Opening of a Colorado In-N-Out Burger

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A fight broke out at the opening of an In-N-Out Burger in Aurora, Colorado, on Friday, November 20, as burger-lovers stood outside in a long line.

Footage recorded by Sol Atencio shows a brawl between several people in a parking lot outside a US Bank branch and the newly opened fast-food location. During the fight, one of the men’s pants is pulled down before someone attempts to restrain the other man.

Speaking to Storyful, Atencio said the brawl broke after the male driver in the silver Ford Taurus refused to let a blue car cut across him in the drive-thru line. A woman then exited the blue car so it could squeeze in.

He added, “In-N-Out security, and a random person had to break up the fight.” The driver of the blue car was “very aggressive afterward” and “almost hit the silver car multiple times.”

According to an In-N-Out press release, two locations were opened up on the same day with the other outlet being in Colorado Springs. The lines at In-N-Out Burger in Aurora, Colorado, reportedly had wait times of up to 14-hours. Credit: Sol Atencio via Storyful