Maryland Police Stop Man From Jumping Off Bridge

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10 個月前

Police in Maryland have released dramatic bodycam footage from a September 17 incident which involved a man trying to jump from a bridge.

The footage, released by the Montgomery County Police Department, shows two of its officers assisting the man, who was hanging from the Union Arch Bridge in Bethesda.

Officer Marcella West was able to grab and hold onto the man, preventing him from jumping, while Officer Samuel Yun climbed the safety fence and secured him from the other side.

According to the department, the distressed man had been missing from a local group home for almost three hours before he was located.

“If it were not for the officers’ quick thinking and disregard for their own safety, a tragedy would have occurred and a life would have most certainly been lost,” police said.

Once brought back to the safety the man was taken to hospital for an evaluation, police said. Credit: Montgomery County Police Department via Storyful