Monster waves smash into Sennen Cove in Cornwall

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20 天前
Huge waves, whipped up by powerful winds, battered the coast of Cornwall in the UK on Saturday (November 2nd). This clip shows roughly 30-foot waves crashing into the coastline at Sennen Cove. "The phenomenal seas are sweeping up the beaches, pushing foam and spray onto the normally sun-baked sands," said filmer Mike Newman.
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    LOL everyone
    The sound of waves is beautiful
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    m m
    The video was recorded from the parking lot of the flat located at the west end of Sennen Cove. That building is about 10-15 feet above sea level when the tide is in. If the waves were thirty feet they would be crashing over the top of the building. Those waves waves are maximium 10 feet high.
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    Definitely not 30 foot waves
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    Looks like the may need a higher seawall.
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