Nashville Residents Walk Alongside Black Man Scared for His Safety Following Floyd Death

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1 個月前

More than 70 Nashville residents walked alongside a black man who posted on a social media app that he was afraid to go outside after seeing the George Floyd police arrest video.

Carol Ashworth filmed a video which shows Shawn Dromgoole walking in front of a group of local residents near her neighbourhood on May 28. Ashworth told Storyful that the neighbours turned up to support Dromgoole at very short notice.

“My neighbour posted on Nextdoor that he was afraid to walk in the neighbourhood where he’s lived his whole life,” Ashworth said. “Immediately neighbours starting posting that they are sorry and want to know him and walk with him.”

“I knew that something special was happening,” Ashworth added. Credit: Carol Ashworth via Storyful

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    little does he know, at the end of that walk, the white crowd turns on him.