'I Never Touched Anyone Inappropriately': Cuomo Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations

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2 個月前

New York Gov Andrew Cuomo apologized on March 3 after three women came forward to allege the Albany leader sexually harassed them during his time in office, and said he would cooperate with a state investigation into his conduct.

The three women — Anna Ruch, Lindsey Boylan, and Charlotte Bennett — brought forth their allegations starting in late 2020, claiming that the governor behaved improperly around them, making unwanted advances and saying inappropriate things.

“I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable,” said Cuomo. “It was unintentional, and I truly and deeply apologize for it. I feel awful about it.”

Cuomo’s administration is currently under investigation over its handling of nursing-home deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic. State Attorney General Letitia James has said she will move forward with an investigation into sexual harassment allegations lodged against the governor.

On Wednesday, Cuomo said he was “embarrassed” by his behavior but asked New Yorkers to wait for the results of that investigation.

“I never touched anyone inappropriately,” the governor repeated. “I never knew at the time that I was making anyone feel uncomfortable.”

“I ask the people of this state to wait for the facts from the Attorney General’s report before forming an opinion,” he added. Credit: New York State Governor via Storyful