One of the Gang: Dog Joins Guinea Pig Pals for Veggie Snacks

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9 個月前

Wilbur the dog seems to think that he’s no different to his guinea pig pals, as he joins the rodents for healthy snacks at their home in Chicago.

Owner Jen Ryan Furlong captured this video of Wilbur and guinea pigs Rumpadump and Market Price on September 15. She posted the video to Facebook, joking in her caption that the dog had “fully transitioned into jumbo guinea pig”.

Furlong told Storyful that Wilbur “is convinced he is a guinea pig and starts each morning sharing a salad with his sisters.” She added that the shar pei-basset hound mix first got familiar with rodents as a puppy, when Furlong had a pet dwarf hamster. Credit: Jen Ryan Furlong via Storyful

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    Never owned a dog: is it normal for them to eat veggies?
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    I'm guessing that it's OK for Wilbur to eat raw vegetables. Love the video!
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    Green peppers are not good for digestive system of old doggie. Canines are NOT vegetarians.
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    How cute!
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    Dogs actually benefit from green vegetables. I feed my dogs green beans on occasion and they love them. It helps keep their weight down.
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    What a good boy!
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    LOL, probably the only reason he's eating those cucumber skins is because his sisters make it look so good! Carrots I can see, but the cucumber skins would not really attract too many dogs unless their buddies were eating them!
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    Dang if that ain't cute!!
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    Doggies are omnivores. That said, mine is very funny about fruit & veggies. eats the insides outta a blueberry!
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    Several days later: Wilbur is blowing diarrhea everywhere while his liver and kidneys shut down.
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