Orangutans Form 'Special Bond' With Otters at Belgian Zoo

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10 個月前

A family of orangutans at the Pairi Daiza zoo in Brugelette, Belgium, has formed a “special bond” with a bevy of Asian small-clawed otters sent to live in their enclosure.

According to the zoo, staff added the otters to the orangutan enclosure as a form of enrichment for the family, which consists of 24-year-old male Ujian, 15-year-old female Sari, and their four-year-old male offspring Berani.

The zoo said the otters enjoy playing “with their big, furry friends,” while Ujian and Berani have formed a “very special bond” with their new neighbors.

Ujian, Sari, and Berani have been living at Pairi Daiza since their move in 2017 from Heidelberg Zoo. Credit: Pascale Jones/Pairi Daiza via Storyful

  • S
    Does "special bond" mean trying to punch their lights out??
  • 癞 蛤 蟆
    Fortunate for the otters that they move faster than the Orangutang.
  • n
    Nice to see Donald Trump finally make a friend!!!
  • p
    Not the brightest sparks at the Belgium zoo.like putting a donkey in with lions.
  • o
    I'm glad they told us what we were watching because for a minute there it looked as if the orangutan was trying to kill the otters.....
  • c
    The otters were biting the orangutan who tried to defend himself. How is this a good experience for Any of them? Looks like they were all terrified
  • r
    @ neil,, You just offended the Orangutans .
  • r
    That video just made my day ,, If only humans could be so cute with wild life.
  • J
    Its the worldwide shortage of toilet paper - otters have no problem with sh.t sticking to their fur *flees* ;)
  • S
    "Special bond" meaning they all want to kill each other?