Ottawa 'Witches' Show Up in Support of Black Lives Matter Movement

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1 個月前

Protests in Ottawa, Ontario, drew thousands on June 5, including Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a group of witches.

This video shows the spooky demonstrators — wearing dark clothing and witch hats — in the Parliament neighborhood holding signs in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement. Credit: @Suheyma1 via Storyful

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    Its getting to be ridiculous, ... any kind of nonsense is promoted and tolerated...mental health has been set back decades
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    Ice Rinks
    LOL! so Male carbon-blackface is arrested in Toronto, 3 female full blackface and garb...gets a hall pass in Ottawa. Canada's state of the nation.
saber4 天前
Best story I have seen in 3 months. No , I'm serious. I wish...更多
Racist, Incompetent President2 天前
He's smarter than the guy, yeah the dotard.
turdboy25 分鐘前
Look at the positives,........the homeless people get a well...更多
Mike1 小時前
hey Seattle/Minneapolis/NYC etc... this is how you do it... ...更多
Martin5 小時前
well I am glad that the virus is not as important as agent o...更多
Tiff2 小時前
Why didn't they show the HOSPITAL ARE THE TESTING SITE???WHY...更多
arcane9 小時前
? It's graffiti in and of itself; to protect it like it actu...更多