Pete Buttigieg Rally Interrupted by Heckler Wearing Black Lives Matter Shirt

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7 個月前

A protester wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt rushed the podium at an event in support of Pete Buttigieg on December 4 before nearly being hit with a cane by one of the attendees.

In a video of the incident captured by Max Lewis, a reporter with WSBT, a man can be seen shouting from the audience, saying "Where are the black leaders that don’t have three-piece suits, leather jackets … ? Who chose these people as black leaders?” Lewis said the man showed up with a local Black Lives Matter group.

In the footage, the man shouts at Sharon McBride, an African American councilwoman from South Bend who had organized the event in support of Buttigieg, local media reported. A group of protesters gathered by a Black Lives Matter banner stands at the back of the room.

As the man continues to shout, an unidentified woman stands up and raises her cane at the protester but is intercepted by other attendees.

The man then rushes the podium, steals the mic from McBride, and continues shouting, “Who chose these people as the black leaders?”

Lis Smith, the senior communications officer with Buttigieg’s campaign, said the protesters were Bernie Sanders supporters and it was “deeply depressing” that they had “gone from harassing @PeteButtigieg’s staffers of color online to harassing our supporters of color in real life, but here we are.” Credit: Max Lewis/WSBT via Storyful

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    the Truth a rally consists of a couple people and a camera? I have more people at my house on Saturdays watching college football
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    I've seen lines at the DMV bigger than this "rally".
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    That's a rally? Looks like about 25 people there. This Guy thinks he can beat Trump?
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    That's a "rally"? I've seen more people at the coffee pot here at work on Monday mornings.
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    There must have been 20 people at that rally. How do they find places large enough to hold that massive crowd?
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    wow. if that is a rally, i should be running for president. i can get a group of people together like that on a saturday night.
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    At least Peter Bv++giggle knows the Alphabet people group stands "firmly behind" him.
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    Is this a joke? Is this the opposite of that Dave Chapell skit with Clayton Bigsby?
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    The story should be why no one was at his event.
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    Democrats are so cooperative....