Pigging Out: Hog Can't Get Enough Ice Cream

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5 個月前

As evidenced by the Instagram account dedicated to his daily life, Norbert, a domesticated pig who lives with his owner in the suburbs of Chicago, is used to getting a treat or two.

This was very much the case on July 2, when the hog feasted on some ice cream. His owner, Vincent Baran, shared footage of Norbert’s chilled snack to Instagram the following day.

He told Storyful that Norbert was enjoying a “cup of vanilla soft serve” from a Dairy Queen located in Hoffman Estates.

Norbert’s Instagram account includes plenty of evidence that the pig also enjoys his fruit and vegetables. However, this time out, coming on a “hot summer day,” the ice cream definitely hit the spot. “He really enjoyed it,” Baran said. Credit: himynameisnorbert via Storyful