Protesters Chant 'Walk With Us' to Swarm of Police During Hollywood Rally

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1 個月前

Protesters marching in Los Angeles chanted “walk with us” to a group of police during a stand-off during a rally through the Hollywood streets on June 2.

Police and members of the National Guard were reportedly guarding many of the California city’s main streets on Tuesday after more than a week of civil unrest following the police-involved death of George Floyd. Local media said at least several hundred protesters participated in the march.

These videos, posted to Twitter, show a large number of officers swarming in front of a group of protesters on Hollywood Blvd. The protesters can then be seen getting down on one knee in front of the police while chanting, “No justice, no peace.” The demonstrators can later be heard chanting “walk with us” as the groups face off. Credit: @niebsy via Storyful

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