'He Ran in Front of My Car': Police Release Footage of Cruiser Striking Autistic Teenager

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1 個月前

The Lexington Police Department on April 10 released footage showing a patrol car hitting a 19-year-old man in Garden Springs, Kentucky, last month.

Police said they responded to a report on March 30 that the man, named as Liam Long, had threatened his case worker. Local reports said the autistic man was in the middle of a mental health crisis.

Police said Long produced a knife when an officer made contact with him in a parking lot on Larkspur Drive. This footage shows a foot pursuit before Long is hit by the patrol car.

Police said the patrol car was traveling about 40mph and had its emergency lights flashing, adding that the collision was unavoidable because the suspect ran onto the road.

Local reports said Long suffered a brain bleed, a fractured nose and multiple lacerations after being hit by the cruiser. His family reportedly said he remains in hospital. Credit: Lexington Police Department via Storyful