Rehabilitated Bald Eagle Released Into Pennsylvania State Park

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1 個月前

A bald eagle that had been rescued and rehabilitated after experiencing lead poisoning was released back to the wild at a Pennsylvania state park on May 21.

The sick eagle was found by a trail runner about three months ago at Prince Gallitzin State Park in Patton, Pennsylvania, park officials said.
Park staff and members of the Pennsylvania Game Commission were able to capture and transport the eagle to receive proper treatment at Centre Wildlife Care.

This video shared by the park shows the moment the eagle was released after its recovery. Park officials said the bird just had to “find her bearings” and eventually flew away. Credit: Prince Gallitzin State Park via Storyful

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    They are so beautiful and close up huge. When I lived in Juneau there were Eagles every where. One always sat on a light along Eagan Drive would see it most mornings going to work and some times going home. Have a picture of it hanging on my wall. I just pulled over on the side of the road and took its picture still love and miss seeing it. This is a happy story.
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    Beautiful to see
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    I hope it "eventually flew off." It appeared unable to fly.
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    that is a lovely story EAGLES ARE CREATURES OF GOD
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    I've seen several releases on vet tv shows and the Eagle always flys as soon as the door is open,this one looks like it can't fly. I hope it did or else it would become prey for something else,even another Eagle
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    Love lift us up where we belong, where the eagles cry
    on a mountain high
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    Wonderful. Lead should not be legal or used by any ethical people.
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    Micky M
    So beautiful. Thank you rehabilitators!
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