Remainer dog bites Boris Johnson at People's Vote march

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9 個月前
Remainer dog Evie chomps down on a doll of Boris Johnson during the People's Vote March in Westminster on Saturday (19 October).
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    What grown up people we have here its a good job us Brexiteers know how to act you all want to get back in the play ground. No wonder their violence in the country, Grown up before it’s to late.
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    Sounds about right! The dog has no clue what's going on..... just like it's owner!!!
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    wow .... what a news story.. is this what it has come to for remainer press...
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    Ever Hopeful
    Well Done Newsflare! Such incisive reporting. Always there on the big issues of the day. Sad, desperate, pseudo journalism.
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    Francine Howarth
    Utterly despair the dog owner's mentality! Great example to future generations of infants in the art of disrespect for adults in general.
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    That's nothing, I've got a dog that craps on a photo of Oliver Letwin!
  • C
    The dogs owner looks like a munter
  • J
    That's nothing! my dog #$%$ on a picture of Jeremy Corbyn.
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    Really? Shows the owner's ignorant, classless mentality then.
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    Lovely dog pathetic owners
saber5 天前
Best story I have seen in 3 months. No , I'm serious. I wish...更多
Racist, Incompetent President3 天前
He's smarter than the guy, yeah the dotard.
Genesis 1:17 小時前
The Bible calls this an Abomination
Boomer19 分鐘前
INSANITY is running rampant in the world.