Seattle Police Catch Thieves Sneaking Out Back Door of Costco
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A group of thieves had their quick exit out the back door of a Seattle, Washington, Costco store cut short when Seattle Police officers were standing just outside waiting for them on March 14.According to a statement from Seattle Police, “Loss Prevention officers inside the store recognized one of the suspects inside and said he had previously stolen items in the past and run out the fire exit.”Officers began to question a woman parked behind an emergency exit when they heard someone trying to open the emergency doors from inside the store. They then apprehended two additional suspects attempting to leave the store with roughly $2,200 in merchandise.One 30-year-old man, an 18-year-old woman, and a 21-year-old woman were all arrested in the incident. Credit: Seattle Police Department via Storyful
  • Homer
  • Jim
    why hide their faces?
  • Singl
    Good On , Store security officers !!
    Good On Seattle police for sending 2 squad cars , to greet them at the back door .....: ),......LOL.....I wish they had a face shot when the officers stepped up .

    I think I saw one fella with his lower jaw ,...about waist high ,...LOL.
  • Gary
    Low life actually live in the Seattle area. They would be better off going to California where Moonbean Brown allows all sort of low life to spawn in the state.
  • DC
  • Thor tilla Hec
  • Doctor Ebola
  • Lynne
    That was great
  • Doctor Ebola
  • wayne
    Until such time that the penalties are severe, and fully known by ALL society beforehand ...... this is going to keep happening. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Huge "fines" or "jail time" may actually not be enough a deterrent ....... BUT PUBLISHING THERE NAMES AN FACES IN A POPULAR PUBLIC FORUM MIGHT BE THE EASIEST THING ...... WITH MINIMAL FINES. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I personally can't think of anything that would have more potential impact that being publicly identified such that family and friends, employers and potential employers are made aware of these "petty" crimes. -------------------- Sure, there are those who would know the risk ...and simply can't comprehend the outcome when caught .... or simply don't care ..... but it is still important for society to know who these people are. ---------------------- When surveillance video software comes out that can "recognize" these people in public, or even private household systems ..... they can be recognized instantaneously ..... ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY. ------------- Just think of the savings to policing and the quickness of arrest ..... because there ARE people who will NEVER change.