Smashing Pumpkins: Michigan Firefighters Add to Pre-Halloween Fun

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8 個月前

The fire department in Davison, Michigan, helped the local community get into the Halloween spirit with a pumpkin drop event during the annual Pumpkin Festival.

Footage shared by Davison-Richfield Fire Department shows crew members 102 feet up a cherry picker dropping a large pumpkin. The pumpkin hits the ground with a satisfying splat, much to the delight of onlookers. Credit: Davison-Richfield Fire Department via Storyful

HemiRabbitShooter15 小時前
Guess that's about as quarantined as it gets.
Terpischore15 小時前
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Armywife17 小時前
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LOL everyone9 小時前
Remember the song "The Night Chicago Died" ?