Smog Blankets India's Delhi as Air Quality Reaches 'Hazardous' Levels

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7 個月前

Thick smog blanketed Delhi and air quality reached “hazardous” levels on November 3, according to statistics from the World Air Quality Index.

The Central Pollution Control Board and the Environment Pollution (Prevention & Control) Authority (EPAC) issued a number of warnings for “very poor to severe” air quality levels and ordered the suspension of construction and mining work as well as the closure of local power plants and industrial areas.

The smog was caused by “a western disturbance system in the north of India which is
bringing moisture, and a cyclonic system on the eastern side which is suppressing winds,” EPAC said. Increased burning of paddy straw in Punjab and Haryana, as well as Delhi’s own pollution sources, combined to reduce air quality, EPAC said. The smog was expected to remain in the region for a number of days. Credit: Ankit Dhasmana via Storyful

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    China, India and Africa have the worst smog on the entire world (USA's air is clean by comparison) and i'll bet Greta won't got to any of those 3 countries.
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    Who wants ta bet Pawn Greta never ever goes to India to tout her climate change bulloney - hahahahah
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    fine the farmers and enforce it for burning paddy hay and put a few in prison .That will solve the smog problem.
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    keith s
    I have no problem with all the UK extinction rebellion protesters moving to Delhi to protest about the air quality there.
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    Dad of Two
    Nasty Indian food causes gas, that's the real problem