SpaceX crew captures jaw-dropping view of space station during approach

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4 個月前
The SpaceX Crew Dragon 'Endeavour' captured jaw-dropping views of the International Space Station during its approach on May 31st, ,2020. Credit to 'NASA/SpaceX'.
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    Amazing that this was constructed in space, I can only imagine what it must be like to see this in person upon approach...just seeing a still pic of it, through the eyes of the Dragon crew, is breathtaking, to say the least. I love our cosmos and would have loved to be fortunate enough to be a part of what our future will bring to us through them. young and future generations are so fortunate to have potential life in space on their horizons. To quote..."Space, the final frontier. To go where no man has gone before..." *sigh* beautiful.
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    Those flat screens with the arcs and parabolas look like those in the TWA space plane cockpit when it arrives at the space station to the tune of the Blue Danube in 2001.
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    the dragon capsule has a pretty cool interior...........go spacex
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    I was lucky enough to tke a break from yard work, came into the house flipped the TV on and the launch was on with T -1:45 to go... I got to see it live.
    Then on Sunday, I was online and was a video for the docking live. So I watched that too.
    The video of these events was incredible.
    I was 11 on July 22 1969... It was getting late and my parents called me in, saying we were about to land on the moon for the 1st time. Glad I saw that too, too bad they didn't have this advanced video back then...
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    few lucky people who left the world on right time ... stay there as much as you can ...
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    The improvement in video is astounding. Can you image when we finally make it back to the moon or Mars?
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    Donald Duck
    so sad that this historic event was almost looked passed during the pandemic and the riots but the world still watches you two brave souls make that journey!
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    John Dough
    The only positive news we've had in a long time was the successful launch and reaching the ISS flawlessly.
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    I have seen the Space Station while backpacking in the High Sierras and it is spectacularly huge. Most satelites look like moving dots but the ISS is massive.
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    Many nights you can watch Space Station pass overhead...Teach your kids to turn off TV and look up!