'Suburban Skier' Spotted Making Nighttime Dash Across Denver Street

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1 個月前

A suburban skier was spotted on the streets of Denver on November 30. In footage captured by local resident Wesley Morgan, the skier is seen making their way at speed across North Ogden Street, before finishing up on a skate ramp across the road.

Posting the footage to Facebook, Morgan, originally from Tennessee, captioned it with the phrase “Only in Colorado y’all.”

He added, “I was just sitting on my couch chillin’ and kept hearing this lawnmower start up for only five seconds at a time… I go look out my window and see this.”

Speaking with Storyful, he said that the skier “looked to be pulled by a zip cord,” attached to something out of view. “They would crank it like you would a lawnmower and it would pull him,” said Morgan.

“You can kind of see him drop the cord just before reaching the ramp. That’s about the time the noise stopped. Five seconds at the most, at a time.” Credit: Wesley Morgan via Storyful

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