Trump Boat Parade on Lake Murray Draws Thousands

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1 個月前

Thousands attended a boat parade in support of US President Donald Trump on Sunday, July 5, on Lake Murray in South Carolina, local media reported.

Many boats in the flotilla had American flags and Trump 2020 memorabilia, visible in this footage shared by Logan Watson.

The parade started at Dreher Island Bridge and continued past the Lake Murray Dam, ending near Susie Ebert Island, according to reports. Credit: Logan Watson via Storyful

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    If they were socially distant, which you pretty much are on a boat with family, what’s the harm. (this comment from a non-supporter)
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    So, why is this some major thing? People on boats, separated by water is far more responsible than hundreds of people in a protest separated by nothing. "But there are a bunch of folks on each boat! Whaa!" And most of these people on the boats probably came from home together for a boat ride and will leave the same way. Not quite so with a protest!
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    The vast majority of people in this country do not own boats. Good luck with that!
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    Joe M
    They'll be glad they have boats when the Blue Wave arrives in November. :)
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    Meanwhile joe biden had a pizza delivered to his basement
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    Definitely scratching South Carolina off my list of travel destinations! There are other friendlier states to spend my money!
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    And how many had Confederate flags?
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    If there were 64 million of them I would be impressed...... that is how many votes tRump will need to win in November....... and that ain't happening
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    Have you ever heard of anyone in history having a boat parade for a president? It's weird.
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    look again there a couple hundred at most