Two Fishermen, Presumed Dead, Rescued by Coast Guard After Two Weeks Adrift at Sea

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The US Coast Guard District 7 rescued two fishermen, adrift for two weeks, from the water 23 miles northeast of Cat Island, Bahamas, on May 18.

Footage uploaded by the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service shows the coast guard hoisting the fishermen to safety via helicopter.

According to the video’s caption, the fishermen were rescued after a “good Samaritan vessel” spotted them and reported them to authorities. Credit: US Coast Guard District 7 via Storyful

  • J
    Congratulations to the two fishermen, they just won the life lottery, the chances of being found at sea after two weeks are close to 0%.
  • w
    Nice work! Love the coast guard!
  • B
    One of the scariest things ever is to be lost at sea. Amazing turnout.
  • K
    Finally, a good news story. Good news indeed. Thank you to the Coast Guard.
  • J
    The Coast Guard is great!
  • J
    The sea was angry that day my friends.
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    Julie Wilde
    For people that question why the boat that found them did not rescue them. It is not uncommon for cartel or other criminals to pose as people in distress to murder crew and steal their boats.
  • S
    They were still on the ship..WAY DIFFERENT then floating in your survival suit in open water
  • J
    Thank you Coast Guard, and way to stay alive fisherman! You are strong and incredibly blessed!!!
  • M
    From fishermen to fishbaits lol. Glad it was a happy ending so I told her long time😁
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Wells15 小時前
Why does noone in the hospital have a mask on??