A Wee Bit Judgmental?: Boxer Stares 'Disapprovingly' Into Camera

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2 個月前

Dogs are known as man’s best friend but one dog owner from Wisconsin says her boxer rarely shows it, and frequently gives her ‘disapproving’ looks.

Dexter’s owner, Jessica Grey, told Storyful she managed to capture her beloved boxer’s grumpy face on video in late January. “He always looking like he’s judging me so I placed my phone on the couch between his front paws and hit record,” Grey told Storyful.

The video shows Dexter as he hovers above his owner’s cell phone, casting a seemingly disparaging look into the camera.

The video was posted to the Everyday Boxer Facebook group and had gained over 2,000 views at the time of writing. Credit: Jessica Grey via Storyful

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    That's adorable!
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    LOL.. he's adorable!
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    Boxers are the best dogs!
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    hockey mom
    We had an amazing Golden who talked a lot. When she didn't get her way she would mumble under her breath and make sure we saw her do her famous eye rolls! Pups are the best! This pup is so precious!
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    I agree dogs do give a look and a smile Your dog is so cute
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    This made me smile!!! Boxers....best breed
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    Isn't that just how boxers look?
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    I Got A Boxer Pup To Grow Up With My Daughter, They Are Best Of Friends
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    Cute doggy .
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    LOL, hilarious!!! For some reason, pets hate having their pictures taken anyway, but the face on this one is too much!!!
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