Woman Criticized for Posing in Front of Damaged Santa Monica Storefront

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1 個月前

A woman was filmed posing in front of a damaged T-Mobile store in Santa Monica, California, on Monday, June 1, a day after protests and rioting were reported across the city.

“White women continue to disappoint. These protesters are not a content opportunity for you,” Nicole Baio, who filmed this video of the incident, wrote on Twitter. Baio can be heard in the video exclaiming the woman was “making her boyfriend take her picture in front of a smashed T-Mobile.”

Clean-up was underway on Monday, as business owners assessed damage from protests on Sunday night. Credit: Nicole Baio via Storyful

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    JSH - Independant -
    She Was Looking at the Damage and i am Not Even Sure the Man Filming was even with Her. Had She Turned around and Mugged for the camera i might Buy that She was Posing unless there is more to that i Do Not Buy It.
  • M
    Is it me or did anyone else see that she wasnt posing, she was looking and in shock and he was taking a picture of the store which she happened to be in the way of? Did I miss something?
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    Did Nicole Baio even ask the reason the woman stood there or the man took the picture? For all she knows the woman could be the manager of the T-Mobile store & the man her co-worker taking the picture for insurance purposes since the woman was NOT in any way posing.
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    The story SHOULD be about the woman taking this video of an innocent woman standing in front of a store.
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    Meddling Kids
    Yahoo wouldn't dare post this if the roles were reversed
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    what I heard is the only items left in the store r the work boots
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    Dear Lord I think the woman who took the video is slightly misguided.
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    Where is the photo of the young lady running out of REI with an armload of loot? Oh right, doesn't fit the narrative.
  • K
    So all the rioters who filmed and posted the action of destroying the store get a pass and you are going after this woman? Is that correct?
  • J
    No criticism of those who actually damaged the store? Someone's priorities are wrong.