Real-life Iron Man flies jet-powered rocket suit around UK docks
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A real-life Iron Man demonstrated his incredible jet-powered rocket suit on Saturday by flying around Gloucester Docks in the UK. Former Royal Marine turned inventor, Richard Browning, did several laps of the docks before landing safely on a wooden platform. The remarkable demonstration took place during the annual Tall Ships Festival.
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  • christina
    well done that man
  • Soboro Horotonogo
    Grossly fuel inefficient and almost certain death if that things stalls high up in mid air.
  • julien
    Das isch echt zu geil.......
    Das isch echt zu geil.......
  • Frank
    Far from it... This has been around in the 60s..Old technology..
  • martin
  • Tom Horse
    I wonder if his next invention will be the telephone.