Barcelona Roads Fill With Half a Million Pro-Catalan Protesters

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1 個月前

Thousands of marchers filled the streets of Barcelona and the surrounding region on the afternoon of October 18, rallying against the lengthy sentences given to the leaders of the 2017 Catalan independence movement.

Multiple roads were blocked as five different protest groups converged in the center of Barcelona, with more than 500,000 people estimated to be marching, according to El Pais.

In the early hours of October 18 and the preceding evening, Catalan separatists clashed with riot police in Barcelona’s streets, lighting fires and throwing bottles and other debris at the authorities.

On October 14, the Spanish Supreme Court sentenced nine politicians and activists to jail terms of up to 13 years following their involvement in the 2017 bid for Catalan independence. Credit: Assemblea Nacional Catalana via Storyful

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