Bride and dad surprise wedding guests with amazing dance

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1 年前
Watch as the bride and her father surprise guests with this impressive dance routine.
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    I can't believe people questioned the appropriateness of a practice dance between a father and daughter. It showed a great appreciation and love each had for the other. For those who didn't like it, learn to keep your mouths shut. That's a dance that both the bride and the dad will cherish on film the rest of their lives. My daughter and I have our dance recorded and we both cry when we see it. This is how we make memories.
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    Hate to inform you, but I've seen way more amazing father daughter dances than that. Granted I've seen worse too, but this is by no means "amazing".
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    Must have been a very very slow news day.
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    And this is a very important news from rumble the tumble.
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    i just adore this---this is lifes joy....father and daughters are and can be the most colorful rainbow......thanks for shareing
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    What did I see?
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    Who would approve such a terrible thing ? Why is no one protesting that. ?
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    Weddings are stupid to begin with. I wish they wouldn't do these choreographed dances. Keep it classy. The bride should dance with the groom, first dance, and then everyone should be able to get up and dance if they want to. It makes them look like they are showing off to the crowd. A sign of the times.
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    Concetta Colizza
    I think it is very exagerated and the poor father was so tired and it is non sense the first song would be enough what is all about a SHOW sorry I do not approve and very stupid
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    Things like this are so stupid
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