Caring German Shepherd gently watches over baby quails
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Now this is absolutely heart-warming!
  • josephine
    Dogs are remarkable
  • Gail
    Heartwarming news for a change,Man and birds best friend
  • spike
    Animal Love !
  • Nucc
    Dogs rule.
  • The Kestrel
    Every time I see something like this it reinforces my opinion that I prefer dogs to most humans!
  • Disgusted
    Nothing beats a German Shepherd!
  • Edith
    He has eaten the mum and waits for them to grow up to make it worthwhile...well it is actually very sweet
  • ricky
    If only humans could show such care and love for other life forms what a beautiful world it would be .
  • Mike
    Truly Amazing.....................................
  • dorothy
    aw how beautiful we could all learn a lesson from this